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Was expelled from the University. This contributed to a number of reasons. First, underachievement. After studying for a year (deducted from the second), I realized that I made a total mistake listening to his parents and enrolling at this University on a specialty which, in their opinion, is the best suited me. I did not experience any pressure, just convinced that something more I’m not capable (I’m a humanist). During the exam in addition to the mandatory exams, and additional social science (which I hate) wanted to pass history with literature, but I was able to persuade. In the end, said only the social studies, and, in fact, passed. But to get to the University where I would like to study (what can we say, dream), failed (raised the passing score in math, and I didn’t have enough). Went to another, paid. My uni is far less prestigious. But then I spit on all these conventions. Gradually I’m totally disappointed in your Department. We skip the details, but the teacher was very specific as the style of teaching, and the exams were evaluated not knowledge. Specialty just hated, every morning, went there reluctantly. With a group as well no luck (absolutely indifferent to all the people who pursue only their own interests). Trying to find friends to settle down, and with its Charter in another monastery do not climb. But it did not. As a result, began depression and a feeling that all is in vain. My parents wanted me to have this specialty was affected mentally, but this is my life. In General, lost all zeal.

Second, for the second year, I earned a bad attitude among teachers. He thought I was a weirdo and a jerk because he knew about my attitude and about my relationship with classmates. More logical reasons, I can not find. I’ve never been able to someone “ass licking” (MB is bad, but such education), to flatter, to ride on the ears, for someone to bend. I’m simple me and easy to use. The attitude was biased. With the attendance of flaws. And classmates to achieve at least what is asked, and it was extremely problematic.

To be honest, I didn’t expect any different outcome, except for deductions. The teacher I was drained, Dean was aware of the situation. Passed the nerves, debts had accumulated specifically. Fix tried, but before it is too late. Burned all the bridges, even the guy quit because he deserves the best, and I just don’t want to ruin his life. He was against it, but otherwise I would not have been able.

There is a chance to transfer to another University, for a fee. But I will not pull such sum, and parents to help otesyvajutsja.

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Alexander Babushkin Sage (14444) Open secret: the fed never will. Money – dust, and sand. From this squirrel cage with no exit. And THESE things can to remember in life not so much.

life is cruel. she’s not interested in your moaning, difficulties, sacrifices guys and rant about the inability to lick ass. In fact: what’s done is done; you still 11� grade education, and earn a living as it is necessary.

Translate only the students, if http://prestige-chauffeur.com/how-to-study-better/ you’re expelled, now only admission again in 1st year exam (or certificate in the CollegeCollege).

What to do? to define the profession and to succeed. Right to state-funded education you still have. Studying at the University need write my essays in 24 hours to prepare to pass next year well exam (required for admission) and get on the budget… continue to learn not paying attention to the group and teachers (you learn). Do not pull the preparation for the exam and study in University and have a relatively normal certificate – think about College (the College). not able to go to school in go to earn money for a specialty requiring education: hairdresser (English), salesman, call centre operator, layer ads, cleaner, etc. good luck.

well, if not looking for excuses for his idiocy

if you are willing to the fact that life will not be comfortable (at least yet), hard – find your own and take your time. And find – hang in there like you mom did not teach!!

But.. don’t go through the generosity of the parent. If she is by herself.

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